Friday, 29 September 2017

Free Audio Download: Ka Esi Lee Onye Isi Oche - Masterkraft X Mike Ejeagha

“Super producer, Mastercraft revamps Mike Ejeagha’ song “Ka Esi Le Onye Isi Oche“. Free Mp3 download is available below.

Okwa Enyi ga abu isi oche. Enyi na aga na anyi so gi na azu

Free Audio/ Mp3 Download: Igbo Song
Artistes: Mastercraft, Mike Ejeagha
Country: Nigeria (Igbo)

According to the producer the song is one of his Dad’s favourite tune and he decided to work his magic on it, though short but sure worth a listen.

One Of My Dads Favourite Tunes ….. God Bless The Great Mike Ejeagha And May The Spirit Of The Gone Legends Forever Rest Well…….”

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