Two Failed Attempts by Wizkid to Silence Davido's "If" – Muzik Africana

Wizkid’s got no issue with Davido, yet people keep seeing them as Cat & Dog, and expecting some magic of him to knockout Davido’s “If”.

The biggest thing that happened in favour of the Nigerian Music Industry is these guys, Davido and Wizkid. The have never had any face-to-face confrontation but their influence in the industry made them so competitive. So they are  arguably one of the biggest artistes in strong music industry of Nigeria.

Though, their is an unconfirmed claim that Wizkid once walked out of a show simply because Davido was called up by the MC before himself. They once hug each other in a video i came across someday, this belied the claim that they don’t ply the same route, beside they are of the same Nigerian tribe out of Nigeria’s over 200 different tribes. So there are no issues among them, but why do their respective fans see each other as Manchester United vs Chelsea FC, is the main question.

Since Davido’s release of his Tekno produced “If”, in the middle of the “Lovers’ Month”(February), there have been anger in the heart of some Wizkid’s diehard fans. They claimed the new song from Davido, knocked off Wizkid’s “Daddy Yo” off its perch. “Daddy Yo” has been in the spotlight alongside Runtown’s “Mad Over You” before “If” emerged.

On the first day of March, Wizkid dropped “Sweet Love”, a track that nearly drift me away, but can’t tell why it doesn’t make that kinda wave. His fans hopping to combat Davido’s “If”, were unfortunately turned down as “If”  firmly retained its position while “Sweet Love” go down into silence.

Again on the twentieth day of March, barely 19 days after the release of “Sweet Love”, Wizkid’s song ” Fool For You” got leaked. This particular new song is actually making some waves but “If” is still trending. Those diehard fans of Wizkid have already start praying for another song that will knock “If” from Davido, off its perch.

Whats your take on this?, is Wizkid still gonna be the one to silence “If”, or is another artiste gonna help him?

Wizkid himself is a great hit maker, all who know very well, whats in the music industry knows for sure. So who’s gonna do to Davido’s” If”, what it did to Runtown’s “Mad Over You”??

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