Saturday, 2 December 2017

How to Get The Code of a Particular Gadget in Blogger/Blogspot

How to get the identification code of a particular Blogspot/ Blogger gadget has been a very difficult issue to certain blogspot Bloggers, especially the newbies.

How To: Get Code To A Gadget

Okay, i have just decided to help solve this issue, based on my own personal tactic. This works very well and could help one for so many reasons.

Step-By-Step on How To Get The Code of a Particular Blogger/ Blogspot Gadget.

1) Visit home page and select "Layout".

2) Go select the particular Gadget you want to get its code.

3) Click on the small "Edit" as shown in the below image

4) Now, click on the Address bar/ URL bar of your browser and select the last code you find there (i.e "HTML14") as shown in the below image.

Yes!!, HTML14 is the code you need, you've got it, that code there is the code we've been talking about. Just proceed to what you wanted to do with it.

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